The Sociopath’s Lies Never Stop

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 1.05.09 AM.png

I recently discovered that my ex, the sociopathic sex addict who engaged in such deviant acts I can’t catalog them all, is telling my children I was the cheater. With many men. And it “crushed his soul”. According to him, it’s why he “struggled with infidelity a few times”.

Let me make this very clear. I never cheated. I never thought about cheating. I never even cheated in my dreams. It’s not in my DNA to cheat. Hell, I wasnt even a flirt. And he knows it.

This new lie shows the depths to which he’s willing to go, and it shows that nothing is sacred. He will do everything in his power to protect his reputation by destroying mine. He even stole my exact words – “crushed my soul”.

And so it goes with a sociopath. The lies grow bigger each day, and as they do, it becomes more obvious that the truth must be closing in on him. Each ounce of truth requires yet another cover story. It must be exhausting.

I can shoulder it – but his lies continue to take a toll on my adult children. He keeps them dancing the twisted dance of gaslighting, repeatedly uprooting their footing in reality and truth.

There is no fighting back. There is only no contact, and the knowledge that he can no longer hurt me. The truth will prevail. I am safe.

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