Welcome to My Safe Place. You are NOT Alone.

It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience. ~ Julius Caesar

Like too many men and women in today’s world, I have been crushed under the weight of a spouse’s “sex addiction” and all that entails – from discovery thru divorce and beyond. I don’t promise an orderly walk thru this personal hell, but I do promise it will get uncomfortably real as I let my hard-earned lessons seep out onto these pages.

I refuse to be tossed aside. My story and I have more worth than my ex ever realized or respected. My story begs to be told – both as a warning to those who haven’t yet put this “addiction” on their marital radar, and as a comfort to those who are trapped in their own whirlwind of confusion following discovery.

It is my wish that the betrayed partners who walk this lonely road  might find some courage and hope through my words. Without that, my dark time of intense I-can’t-breathe pain will have been in vain.

Thanks so much for joining my free-flowing journey that endeavors to be gritty, educational, and purposeful.

Note: I will usually use male pronouns for the “sex addict” and female pronouns for the spouse, simply because it’s more natural for me. Please don’t let that discourage you men who are linked to a “sex addict” – the pain, confusion, and damage are just as valid regardless of how society in general may discount your experiences.